Units with three vertical multi-stage pumps with stainless steel hydraulic


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Units with three vertical multi-stage pumps with stainless steel hydraulic



GPE pressurisation units have the following applications:

• Water supply or distribution networks, apartment blocks, schools,

hotels, etc.

• Generic industrial water supply

• Irrigation for gardens, parks and sports facilities



• Three CVM series pumps with 2-pole self-ventilating asynchronous

motor, efficiency class IE2 for three-phase motors starting from 11 kW

with E-drive series INVERTER

• Control unit: pumps equipped with inverters for modulating control

• Automatic pump control with pressure switch sensors for rate control.

Digital final pressure display

• Corrosion resistant materials for all components in contact with fluids

• Galvanised steel base

• Galvanised steel manifolds (AISI 304, AISI 316 available on request).

The manifolds are dimensioned in relation to the total hydraulic

output of the pressurisation system

• Intake/delivery shut-off valves on each pump

• Intake side check valve

• Delivery side pressure gauge

• Protection against water supply failure as standard supply

• Equipped for connection to delivery side accumulation tank


E-drive is device for controlling and protecting pumping systems by

varying the pump power voltage.

E-drive can be connected to any commercially available pump, and

is used to keep a given setting constant (pressure, flow rate, fluid

temperature, etc.) as the operating conditions vary. This means that the

pump runs only when needed, thus preventing energy wastage and

increasing its service life.

E-drive can also:

• protect the motor from overloads and dry running

• provide soft starts and stops to increase system life and reduce

absorption peaks

• provide information about current absorption and power voltage

• register the hours of operation and trip alarms as required

• run one or more pumps at constant speed (DOL: Direct On Line)

• connect to other E-drives for combined operation

• Voltage: — Version MT: — Power voltage: single-phase 230V

— Output voltage (pump): three-phase 230V

— Version TT: — Power voltage: three-phase 400V

— Output voltage (pump): three-phase 400V

• Mains power frequency: 50 — 60 Hz ( /- 2%)

• Max. ambient operating temperature at nominal load: 40°C (104 °F)

• Max. altitude at nominal load: 1000 m

• Protection rating: IP55 (NEMA 4)

• Digital outputs configurable as NO or NC:

1. motor run signal

2. alarm signal

3. pump command DOL 1

4. pump command DOL 2

• Analogue inputs (10 / 15 VDC):

1. 4-20 mA

2. 4-20 mA

3. 4-20 mA / 0 — 10 VDC (configurable)

4. 4-20 mA / 0 — 10 VDC (configurable)

• 4 digital inputs, configurable NO or NC, for motor start/stop

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